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Toka Tū Āke EQC-funded research and data projects underway

Here are all the Toka Tū Āke EQC- funded research and data projects underway.

Biennial Grants 2022

Project Researcher
Improving school-based hazards education outreach programmes: towards enhancing alignment with schools and communities Dr Marion Tan - Massey University
Long-term communication of volcanic risk for effective decision-making(external link) Dr Julia Becker - Massey University
Changing societal expectations and risk appetite: exploring influences on building earthquake resilience in lower seismic hazard zones Dr Lauren Vinnell  - Massey University 
Dynamic community engagement on disaster risk reduction Dr Charlotte Brown - Resilient Organisations
MĪMIRŪ: The application of an endangered indigenous construction practice onto a prototype timber portal frame to assess seismic resilience and impact for use on future wharenui Prof Anthony Hoete - University of Auckland
Embodied carbon:  A driver for change towards seismically resilient high density housing Dr Charlotte Toma - University of Auckland
Risk-targeted design for functionality Dr Anne Hulsey - University of Auckland
More resilient wall building structures Prof Santiago Pujol - University of Canterbury
Low-cycle fatigue, strain-aging, and residual-capacity testing of reinforcing steels to guide repair strategies and support functional recovery. Prof Geoffrey Rodgers - University of Canterbury
Papa Wiri: Te Ao Māori disaster risk reduction through participatory co-design of educational tools Ms Kristie-Lee Thomas and Brandy Alger - University of Canterbury
Climate risk and the insurance sector: The law, policy, and economics of climate-related
financial disclosures
Prof Ilan Noy - Victoria University of Wellington
Seismic hazards from earthquakes in the locked zone offshore Wellington(external link) Prof Martha Savage - Victoria University of Wellington
Sensing unrest in New Zealand’s largest city: detailed mapping of seismicity in Auckland(external link) Dr Calum Chamberlain - Victoria University of Wellington

Biennial Grants 2020

Project Researcher
A fuzzy approach to understanding multi-fault earthquakes Dr Tim Stahl—University of Canterbury
Application of AI to advance structural performance and resiliency quantification Dr Max Stephens—University of Auckland
Community led low-cost micro-seismic (MS) sensor network applications for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Dr Raj Prasanna—Massey University
Determining ability for ground improvement to improve seismic foundation performance through full scale field testing(external link) Dr Lucas Hogan—University of Auckland
Frictional strength and stability of greywacke fault zones(external link) Dr Carolyn Boulton—Victoria University of Wellington
Geodetic and hydrological controls on seismic velocity changes after large earthquakes Professor Martha Savage—Victoria University of Wellington
High resolution basement mapping beneath Wellington City based on gravity anomaly and borehole data Professor Tim Stern—Victoria University of Wellington
Improved constraint on past Hikurangi subduction earthquake rupture dimensions using a locally derived marine reservoir correction Dr Kate Clark—GNS Science
Paleoseismology of the newly discovered Te Puninga Fault, Hauraki Plains Dr Pilar Villamor—GNS Science
Physics-based ground motion modelling for the urban Wellington region: Basin-edge effects and implications for seismic design Professor Brendon Bradley—University of Canterbury
Seismic performance of multi-storey cross- laminated timber shear wall structures with high- capacity anchoring systems(external link) Dr Minghao Li—University of Canterbury
Seismic strengthening of reinforced concrete walls in existing buildings with fibre-reinforced polymer materials(external link) Dr Enrique Del Rey Castillo—University of Auckland
Towards near-real-time volcano monitoring with next-generation ambient noise techniques Dr Chris van Houtte—GNS Science
Towards real-time probabilistic ash deposition forecasting for New Zealand Dr Yannik Behr—GNS Science

University Research Programmes 2020 - 2023

Programme  Programme Director
Engineering for Stronger Homes and Better Land in Aotearoa New Zealand Prof Liam Wotherspoon—University of Auckland 
Programme in Earthquake Seismology and Tectonic Geodesy  Prof John Townend—Victoria University of Wellington 
The Economics of Financial Natural Hazards Risks and Changing Insurance Markets Prof Ilan Noy, Chair in Economics of Diaster—Victoria University of Wellington
Mātauranga Māori Disaster Risk Reduction Research Centre A/Prof Christine Kenney, Associate Professor of Disaster Research—Massey University
Assessment and Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazards Prof Misko Cubrinovski—University of Canterbury
Building Resilience through Earthquake and Landslide Multi-Hazard Research in New Zealand  Dr Tim Stahl—University of Canterbury 
Next-Generation Seismic Hazard Analysis for New Zealand Prof Brendon Bradley, Professor of Earthquake Engineering—University of Canterbury
Understanding and Managing Seismic Risk in Low Seismic Hazard Zones  Prof Mark Stirling, Chair of Earthquake Science—University of Otago

Other research projects under way

Project Researcher
An innovative self-centering slip-friction connection system for seismic damage avoidance design of braced timber frames Dr. Pouyan Zarnani, Auckland University of Technology
GeoNet Catherine Ross, GNS Science
Can concepts of the seismic cycle be used to forecast future large-magnitude earthquakes in New Zealand? Professor Andy Nicol, University of Canterbury
Geophysical signatures of hydrothermal alteration for evaluating volcanic flank instability Professor Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland
Hidden hazards: Revealing new insight into ashfall volcanic hazards in the Waikato region by detecting and analysing glass shards (cryptotephras) in sediments Professor David J Lowe, University of Waikato 
Catalysing the New Zealand Volcanic Hazard Risk Model (NZVHRM) framework – including probabilistic volcanic loss modelling pilot in Auckland Dr. Graham Leonard, GNS Science and Professor Thomas Wilson, University of Canterbury
Countdown to eruption: Timescales of magmatic processes in the crust Dr. Michael Rowe, University of Auckland
Earthquake hazard in Dunedin: paleoseismology of the Titri Fault Dr. David Barrell, GNS Science
Site characterisation and liquefaction potential of Blenheim gravelly sandy deposits Associate Professor Gabiele Chiaro, University of Canterbury
Deformation map of New Zealand Professor Rupert Sutherland, Victoria University of Wellington
Developing pathways for improving the uptake of innovative seismic-proofing products in New Zealand  Associate Professor Pierre Quenneville, University of Auckland
Integrated intelligent structural control and health monitoring using innovative methodologies Dr. Sherif Beskhyroun, Auckland University of Technology
Development of a population exposure model for New Zealand Finn Scheele, GNS Science/University of Canterbury
It’s Our Fault Dr. Nicola Litchfield, GNS Science
DEVORA  Professor Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland and Dr Graham Leonard, GNS Science
Multi-criteria spatial optimisation for guiding long-term land use planning for resilience and sustainability Dr. Tom Logan, University of Canterbury
Earthquake risk mitigation for the 21st Century Resilient Buildings, Helen Ferner, New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering
National Seismic Hazard Model – the revision programme Project Lead: Dr Matt Gerstenberger, GNS Science, Project Manager: Rachel Kirkman, GNS Science
Economic impact of a more stringent design philosophy in New Zealand Dr. Enrique del Rey Castillo, University of Auckland
New Zealand Geotechnical Database Director: John Leeves, Tonkin + Taylor
Engaging South Asian and Chinese migrants in disaster risk reduction in New Zealand Dr. Nadia Charania, Auckland University of Technology
Performance objectives for seismic design Professor Kenneth Elwood, University of Auckland
Progressive failure of house foundations on slopes in earthquakes Roger Shelton, BRANZ
Explicit incorporation of uncertainties in ground motion simulations and their use in NZ probabilistic seismic hazard analysis Professor Brendon Bradley, University of Canterbury
Geometries and slip of historical surface-rupturing earthquakes in New Zealand and their application to seismic hazard analysis Professor Andy Nicol, University of Canterbury
Quantitative hazard and risk modelling approaches for volcanic crisis management Professor Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland
Seismic design of low-rise and mid-rise hybrid residential buildings(external link) Angela Liu, BRANZ
Rauoterangi Fault trenching project Manawatū District Council
Structural resilience and lifecycle cost implications of designing to various international standards Dr. Max Stephens and Professor Ken Elwood, University of Auckland
Recently completed
Project Researcher
Development of a cyber-based automated
structural health monitoring (SHM) system for steel bridges
Dr. Sherif Beskhyroun, Auckland University of Technology
Seismotectonic source characterisation in low seismicity regions of New Zealand: Otago case study Professor Mark Stirling, University of Otago
Encoding earthquake ruptures into the stratigraphic record: Changes in near-surface structure of the Kekerengu Fault zone before vs. after the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake Adjunct Professor Timothy Little, Victoria University of Wellington
The evolution of past and present magmatic systems in the north Taupō area: Implications for modern hazards,  Professor Colin Wilson, Victoria University of Wellington
Investigation of development history of 40/42 Beechwood Road, Browns Bay, Auckland site affected by a recent cliff failure Murray Triggs, WSP
Stop disasters 2.0: Exploring disaster awareness through video games Professor JC Gaillard, University of Auckland
Phase 1 – New Zealand Landslides Database

Ross Roberts, Auckland Council and BECA 
Towards the calibration of tsunami models in the Auckland region using paleotsunami deposits Dr. Kate Clark, GNS Science
Post-seismic deformation following the 2009 Mw7.8 Dusky Sound earthquake Dr. Sigrun Hreindottir, GNS Science
Volcanic loss modelling and impact forecasting in Auckland Dr. Graham Leonard, GNS Science
Earthquake hazard in Dunedin: paleoseismology of the Titri Fault  Dr. David Barrell, GNS Science