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Projects on the go

At any one time, EQC is funding more than 30 projects all aiming to reduce the impact of natural hazards on people and property.

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Current highlights

Volcano testing for housing EQC 13 002
Volcano ballistics

Protecting houses from volcanic missiles

BRANZ David Carradine
Structural insulated panels

Testing the seismic strength of structural insulated panels

Morrinsville fault research
Morrinsville fault research

Investigating Te Puninga Fault activity near Morrinsville

Data and modelling image
Volcanic ash forecasting

Improving forecasting of when and where volcanic ash will fall

Gabriele Chiaro Banner
Liquefaction in gravelly soil

Testing soil composition and how gravelly soil liquefies

W Bridge LinkedIn
Seismic strength of bridges

Whirokino bridge real world strength testing

Image looking over city with view of ocean and mountain
Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA)

Volcanic risk for Auckland and how impacts can be reduced

Its Our Fault
It’s Our Fault

All about Wellington earthquake risk

2.4.4 trench3cropped
Defining Feilding fault risk

Investigating the Rauoterangi Fault

Ocean bottom seismometer v3
Ocean floor view to give clearer picture of subduction zone earthquakes

Focus on ‘locked’ part of the Hikurangi Subduction Zone to reveal potential earthquake and tsunami risk.