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Contents claims being processed.

Your 'contents' means 'personal property' that is usually in your home. It includes contents that are temporarily removed from your home.

From 1 July 2019, EQC will no longer cover contents, affecting insurance policy holders on the anniversary date of their existing policy (which is generally the annual renewal date), or if you take out a new policy.

How EQCover works for contents

If your contents insurance policy has not renewed before 1 July 2019, you should be able to claim for contents from EQC.

Under EQCover, your contents are insured on the same basis as they are under your fire insurance policy with your private insurer.

So, if your contents are insured against fire on a replacement basis, EQCover will also be on a replacement basis. If they're insured on a less favourable basis than replacement value, then EQCover will be on the same basis.

How much can be paid out

EQCover for contents is the lesser of:

  • the amount for which your contents are insured against fire, or
  • $20,000 (+ GST).

If your loss is greater than the maximum EQCover available, you need to approach your private insurer to discuss your claim.


  • The EQC excess for a contents-only claim is $200.
  • Where a person is claiming for damage to their home and contents from a single event, there is a combined minimum excess of $200 (multiplied by the number of homes in the building) or 1% – whichever is greater.

What isn't included

EQCover doesn’t cover contents used for commercial purposes, or contents not covered by your private insurance policy.

Items that aren't covered include: motor vehicles, trailers, boats, jewellery, money, works of art, and securities and documents. (See the Householders' Guide to EQCover to find out more.)

Private insurance cover

Your private insurance policy may cover contents that aren’t covered by EQCover: check your policy or contact your private insurance company.

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