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EQCover Insurers' Guide

Cover: EQCover - An Insurer's Guide.


EQCover is the Earthquake Commission’s natural disaster insurance for homes and land.

EQCover Insurers' Guide outlines:

  • what is and isn't covered
  • premiums and excess
  • the claims process
  • calculating EQCover
  • offshore placements
  • EQCover direct with the Earthquake Commission
  • conditional building consent issues.

The provisions for EQCover are outlined in the relevant legislation – the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 and the Earthquake Commission Regulations 1993.

The latest version of the EQCover Insurers' Guide:


Refer to this version for policies that commenced or were renewed on or after 1 July 2019.

EQC Insurers' Guide - June 2021 (PDF, 1.29MB)


Refer to this version for policies that commenced or were renewed before 1 July 2019.

EQCover: An Insurers' Guide - February 2019 (PDF, 598KB) 

*This guide (and all previous versions) provides a general summary of EQCover. EQC is required to apply and act in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (EQC Act). In case of any conflict between the information in the guide and the provisions of the Act, the provisions of the Act will prevail.

What is a dwelling?

What is a dwelling for the purposes of EQCover? PDF (883KB)

*When is a dwelling not a dwelling? This is probably the most popular question EQC is asked by insurance companies and brokers. This factsheet is designed to help assist you when determining whether or not your insured's property constitutes a dwelling.

New to the New Zealand Market?

If you are new to the New Zealand residential insurance market please contact us at so we can set up your details in our claims management system and arrange for any appropriate training that may be required.

Paying the EQC Premium

When it comes to paying the EQC premium, we ask that insurers collate payments into a monthly transaction and also complete an attached Premium Declaration form below. Please note there is no requirement to supply a nil return if no levy payments are being made for a given month.

Premium Declaration Form - Nov 2016 (PDF, 20KB)

Premium Declaration Form - Nov 2016 (XLS, 73KB)

A signed Premium Declaration form should be completed for each payment and should be sent to


If you have a question about EQCover or have difficulty accessing this document, please use the contact information below:

EQCover & Premium Enquiries

EQC Corporate Office
Level 11, Majestic Centre
100 Willis Street 
PO Box 311
Wellington 6140
Phone (04) 978 6400
Fax (04) 978 6431
Claims 0800 326 243 or 0800 DAMAGE
Claims fax (04) 978 6432

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