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EQC research programme

Each year, EQC provides over $16m worth of funding for research into natural hazard risks.

Just over $12m of this goes towards New Zealand’s natural hazard monitoring system, GeoNet which provides publicly available, real-time data. The rest is allocated across teaching positions at New Zealand universities, grants and awards for research, support to regional projects (such as It’s Our Fault and DeVORA), and sponsorships. We also provide funding to Lifelines Groups, NZSEE and for the development of codes and standards.

Occasionally we undertake our own research – the most recent examples are:

One of the requirements for all research we fund is that the results must be made publicly available.

Through our research programme, EQC supports:

  • Capability building: The development and retention of research expertise within New Zealand
  • New knowledge: The development of new knowledge about natural hazard risk and mitigation
  • Science to practice: The application of new knowledge to practice

EQC’s research programme also contributes to education within the sector (e.g. engineers, planners, insurers) as well as to our own Public Education Programme

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