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EQCover questions and answers

Answers to some common questions about EQCover are available here. If you have a question that isn’t answered, please contact us

 1. Will EQCover help me protect my property against future natural disasters?

If a natural disaster occurs and damage to your property is imminent, EQCover may be able to help. (However, you must take reasonable steps yourself to prevent further damage to your property.)

Please note that EQC cannot pay for improvements to your property to address conditions that existed before the natural disaster.

If you think EQCover isn't enough for your property, talk to your insurance company; they might be able to assist you with additional cover.

  2. Does EQCover pay for​ temporary accommodation?

EQCover covers only direct physical damage to your insured property – it doesn't pay for temporary accommodation.

  3. Does EQCover pay for theft from my property, or vandalism, after a natural disaster?

No, EQCover doesn't include ‘consequential’ losses that might occur after a natural disaster – such as theft or vandalism.

  4. I'​ve taken out insurance for my home and there is a 21-day earthquake exclusion period. Does this restrict my cover with EQC?

No – as long as you have a valid fire insurance policy, you have EQCover.


Please note: Some processes are different for customers affected by the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence. If that affects you, please visit the Canterbury Claims section.