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Requesting Claim Information

If you want information about the history of a claim, you can make a request under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) and/or the Privacy Act 2020 (PA).

We will respond as soon as possible and within 20 working days of receiving your request. While you can request any claim file information, we can respond more quickly and effectively if your request is specific. 

You can use the online form to request claim file information

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Selling a property

One of the most common requests for information we receive is for the purpose of aiding a property sale.

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We have identified the specific claim information required for this purpose and you can request the documentation as a package. If you find that you require information in addition to the information outlined below once you receive the response, we are more than happy to discuss your needs. We aim to provide you with a house sale package well within 20 working days.

A house sale package may include the following documents:

  • Property assessments (statement of claim, statement of damage, Comet Scope of works, costed Scope of Works)
  • Scope change summaries
  • Variations to work orders
  • Specialist reports (engineer, electrical, asbestos, mould)
  • Contractor and sub-contractor quotes
  • Work Orders
  • EQR (Earthquake Recovery) property Overview (financial summary)
  • Final account agreements
  • Sign off(s)

The package contents will vary depending on whether a claim was cash settled or referred for a managed repair through the Canterbury Home Repair Programme. For example, there will be no sign off documents or contractor invoices for a cash settled claim. Claim documents will only be included if they exist in relation to the property. You can find out more about our claim documentation pack and other documentation on our Claim Documentation page.

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Information request process

Once you have made your request for information, EQC will confirm receipt and we may contact you for further clarification. The more specific your request, the more effectively we can respond. 

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We will review the relevant documentation and may need to redact specific information in accordance with the OIA and/or PA. If information needs to be withheld, we will communicate this to you when sending the response. 

If all or part of your request for information cannot be fulfilled, we will inform you of the reason(s) in accordance with the OIA and/or PA in our response.

We will send the response out to you according to your preferred contact method. We aim to include all the relevant requested documentation with our response, however for larger or complex responses we may need to send the information to you in batches or via file sharer which is a secure file transfer service. The preferred method of delivery is electronically; however, we can send information via Courier Post if required.

If we need to extend the time required to complete your request, we will notify you in writing at the earliest opportunity (and within 20 working days of receiving your request). We will also advise you of the new date by which you should expect the response in full.

Further notes:

To check the specifics of when a response to your information request is due, please refer to the Ombudsman Calendar:

Tonkin & Taylor holds geotechnical records relating to drilling that may have taken place directly on, or near a property. This information is generally not included in a response unless specifically requested. Click here to see an example of geotechnical data held by Tonkin & Taylor.

If you would like to discuss a current information request, please get in contact using the details found on our Contact us page or e-mail

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Requesting updates on an open claim and further claim queries

If you are seeking an update on the progression of an open claim, please contact our customer contact centre team or your private insurer.

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They can provide you with updates outside of a formal request for information.

An OIA request will only provide information that is available at the time the request is made, for example if your claim has not yet been settled, a response will not include a date of settlement or any expected timeframes.

If you have received an information response and have subsequent questions in relation to the claim history, please contact our customer contact centre directly.

See our Contact us page for the best ways to get in touch.


Requesting non-claim information

If you would like general information we hold (for example, our policies or procedures), we will consider your request under the Official Information Act 1982.

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As with any information request, the more specific you can be the more effectively we can respond.

You can use the online form to request non -claim file information or by post to:

Official Information Act Requests
Earthquake Commission
PO Box 790
Wellington 6012

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Requesting claim related information about claim(s) managed by your private insurer

If you have lodged a claim with your private insurance company and would like claim related information, you can request this from your private insurer directly.

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On June 30 2021, EQC entered into partnership with 8 private insurers that will provide an improved, more collaborative approach to supporting New Zealanders through natural disasters in the future.

Under the new agreements, private insurers will manage the total claim, including the EQC portion up to the statutory capped level of damage. This means that the private insurers in this agreement will hold claim related information for claims lodged from 30 June 2021.

If you have lodged a claim with your private insurance company and would like claim related information, you can request this from your private insurer directly.

If you are looking to purchase a property that has or had a claim managed by their private insurer you can ask the vendor or agent to see the documents that support any repairs, they have completed.

Alternatively, You can use the online form to request claim file information and we will liaise with the appropriate private insurance company.

Your request will be considered under the OIA and/or PA and EQC act.

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Is there a cost?

We do not charge for a request relating to a customer’s specific claim or property. 

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However, EQC may elect to charge for a request for claim-related information where the requester does not have a direct personal interest in the specific claim.

We may charge for non-claim-related Official Information requests (as allowed under section 15 of the Official Information Act). If we decide to charge for a request you have made, we will write to let you know. 

You can read our criteria for charging in our Policy – Charging for Official Information Requests.

Our policy is based on the Ombudsman’s Charging guidelines(link is external) and the Ministry of Justice’s all of government charging guidelines(link is external)


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