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Regional projects

Small earthquakes are frequently felt across New Zealand and we have active volcanoes in the North Island. EQC funds three distinct regional projects relevant to the different natural hazards in those regions. Each of these involves collaborating with local partners to ensure the practical application of new knowledge and information gained:

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It’s Our Fault

This long-term, comprehensive study of Wellington’s earthquake risk was established in 2006 and contributes to Wellington becoming a more resilient city.

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It looks at the likelihood of large Wellington earthquakes; their effects, including the impact on people and the built environment; and ways to reduce or manage the risks associated with these events.

It's Our Fault is led by GNS Science with Massey University, NIWA, the University of Canterbury and Victoria University. .

EQC contributes funding alongside Wellington City Council, the Wellington Region Emergency Management Group and Greater Wellington Regional Council

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Determining Volcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) is amulti-agency collaborative research programme led by volcanologists at the University of Auckland and GNS Science and funded by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission and Auckland Council.

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DEVORA brings together scientists with emergency managers, planners and infrastructure providers to work together on reducing the impact of volcanoes in the city.

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East Coast LAB

Established in 2015, the East Coast LAB (life at the Boundary) brings together scientists, emergency managers, experts and stakeholders from around the world to discover more about the region’s natural hazards (in particular the Hikurangi tectonic plate boundary),which could cause a subduction zone creating earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes

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East Coast LAB also offers a public education programme and has an interactive space at the National Aquarium.

EQC is a funding partner, along with local and regional councils, the National Emergency Management Agency, crown research agencies GNS Science and NIWA, tertiary institutions and QuakeCoRE.

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