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About EQC

The Earthquake Commission is a New Zealand Crown entity investing in natural disaster research, education and providing insurance to residential property owners.

What we do
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Our history

To understand the environment that gave rise to the formation of EQC, we have to understand the history of the natural disasters that have happened in Aotearoa. 

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Our role

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) is a Crown entity, established under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993. 

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Our people

Read about the people who govern and manage EQC.

Our Māori name

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) in Te Reo Māori is Kōmihana Rūwhenua

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Our policies

Read more on how EQC is committed to protecting public resources. 

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Customer code

Read more about our commitment to our customers.

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Community input

Learning lessons and improving our response.

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The public inquiry into EQC

This page provides information on the Public Inquiry.