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If your property has been affected by flooding, storm or landslip damage, contact your private insurer directly.

They can manage claims on behalf of Toka Tū Ake EQC and will talk you through the insurance process and what you need to do next.

To find out who to lodge a new claim with, go to Make or manage an EQCover claim.

The foundation from which we stand strong, together

Toka Tū Ake EQC is a New Zealand crown entity investing in natural disaster research to help communities reduce their risks, and providing home insurance to help communities get their lives back on track after an event.

Natural hazards where you live What we do

Toka Tū Ake EQC has adopted a new name to better represent the role our scheme plays in supporting New Zealanders.

Our new name reflects the whakapapa of our nation. Our land is constantly changing from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslips and floods. Communities have lived alongside those perils for hundreds of years, and Māori have always believed the relationship and connection of people to land and nature is inseparable. 


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Latest news

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Rotorua set to become the international epicentre of activity for volcanologists

Your chance to plumb the depths of volcanoes and earth sciences happens next week when hundreds of volcanologists and earth scientists from around the world meet in Rotorua for the IAVCEI Scientific Assembly.

Dr Lauren Vinnell planning locations for the survey on perceptions of seismic hazard in the Auckland region.
Understanding perceptions about natural hazards in lower seismic areas

Do people who live in regions of lower seismic activity in Aotearoa New Zealand think about and prepare well for earthquakes in their regions?

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Affordable household products found to reduce damage to household items during earthquake simulation

From sticking $4 Blu Tack to your fragile valuables to securing your TV with a $100 safety strap, Toka Tū Ake EQC has partnered with Consumer NZ to investigate the best ways to quake safe the things you love – and the results were sometimes surprising.

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Soil and small earthquakes help pave way for more resilient buildings

Soil and small earthquakes help pave way for more resilient buildings