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Sharing our data to support better decisions

EQC Toka Tū Ake’s Natural Hazards Portal(external link) is proving popular with people who want to know more about how natural hazard events have affected properties throughout New Zealand.  

Since it was launched in late August, the portal has had almost 40,000 visitors, who have downloaded more than 10,000 natural hazard claims pdfs. The downloads provide information on settled claims for specific properties, and show the type of claim, the natural hazard event that caused the damage and date it occurred. 

Wellington Landslide

The portal is useful for both home buyers and sellers, as well as renters. It provides transparency about how properties have been affected by natural hazards, and prompts people to ask good questions about whether any damage has been properly repaired and what they can do to manage their own risks.

For those involved in planning, it provides additional data to further inform their assessment of natural hazard risks in specific areas. 

Urban Edge Planning and Natural Hazards Director James Beban was among the Portal’s early adopters. “I love the claims map,” he says. “Having accurate data about the location of previous claims is helpful for working out where there are hot spots or issues. Where you see a cluster of claims, you can dig in to find out more about why that could be. Overlaid with topographic data, you get a feel for areas where there’s greater risk.” 

The claims map allows people to search for settled EQCover claims from 1997 onwards, on residential properties and land nationwide. It’s one part of the portal, which also provides easy access to:  

  • local and national-level hazard risk information that is available from multiple government agencies, for example, Council hazard maps, and 
  • information about natural hazards insurance. 

“At EQC Toka Tū Ake, we invest in research and data on natural hazards and ways to reduce risk,” says Chief Resilience and Research Officer Dr Jo Horrocks. 

“By making the information accessible, we’re supporting New Zealanders to build their understanding of natural hazards, and how these have previously affected homes and communities, to better inform their decisions.”  

Have you used the Natural Hazards Portal(external link)? We’re keen to hear what you’ve found most useful. Please take a moment to tell us about your experience, by emailing: