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Insurance and claims

We provide natural disaster damage cover to residential property and land. In this section, find out about EQCover and how to make a claim.

Canterbury claims Make a new EQCover claim
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Make or manage an EQCover claim

Get help for making a new EQCover claim, or manage an existing claim

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Canterbury earthquakes

Find out more about the Canterbury claims process, the on-sold over-cap properties scheme, and how to request a review of your claim.

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Making urgent repairs

If your home has been damaged by a natural hazard, there are some things you'll want to do straight away.

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Natural disaster insurance

You automatically purchase EQCover if you have private insurance

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Our partnership with private insurers

We've partnered with a range of private insurers to manage EQCover claims on our behalf.

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Claims process

What happens after you lodge your EQCover claim

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Requesting claim information

Requesting updates on an open claim and further claim queries here.