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It's quick and easy to quake safe your child's room 

Babies and young children can't Drop, Cover and Hold during an earthquake, so we need to make their environment as safe as possible. Here are five important steps to take in your child's room that will help make it safer in an earthquake and every day.

  • Use brackets or straps to secure tall and heavy furniture items into wall studs. See how in large furniture and appliances.
  • Place baby’s cot or your child's bed away from windows - ideally next to an internal wall.
  • Don’t hang pictures or shelves directly above baby’s cot or your child's bed.
  • Ensure any pictures or mirrors in the room are hung on appropriate hooks (no single nails). See how in our quick and easy safety steps.
  • Move any heavy items off high shelves to a safer spot lower down.

A father stands in a child's bedroom holding a picture he has removed from above the bed.