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Getting your claim reviewed – Canterbury earthquakes

If you’ve discovered missed damage from the earthquakes or you’re concerned about a failed repair to your home, you can request a review of your original Canterbury claim/s. Whether we managed the repair of your home or cash settled the original damage claim on your home, the process is the same.

If your concern is related to your Land, Contents or Drainage Claim, please use the following links for the correct process for you:

Some reasons for requesting a review of your claim

You may wish to request a review of your claim where you have reason to believe that:

  • EQC’s settlement did not include all earthquake damage
  • EQC’s repair work or repair strategy has not or will not repair the earthquake damage to the standard required by the EQC Act.
  • EQC’s cash settlement was not or is not sufficient to meet the reasonable costs of undertaking EQC’s repair strategy.

If your concerns relate to any of the above, please contact us at your earliest convenience on either 0800 DAMAGE (326 243) or email so we can assist you with your concerns.

What we need from you

We have been working to improve our processes for our customers.

All we need from you, once you have identified any one of the above points, is a phone call or email to tell us about your concerns. From here, our specialised team will contact you or talk you through the next steps and ensure that a Claim Manager is assigned to be your direct contact within EQC.

Please be aware that although we no longer require you to complete the Claim Review Form to initiate a review of your claim, you are more than welcome to still use it and it’s supporting Q&As to assist with your collation of information.

Your assigned Claim Manager

Once you have contacted us to raise your concerns, you will be assigned an EQC Claim Manager to be your direct contact within EQC. Their contact details will be provided to you also. 

If for whatever reason, you do not have your Claim Manager’s details, please call 0800 DAMAGE (326 243) or email so we can provide these to you.

We understand that sometimes we do not always get things right and the match between yourself and your Claim Manager may not be the best fit. If this is the case, please let your assigned Claim Manager know. Alternatively, you may wish to escalate your concerns through our complaints process.

Requesting a visit to your home while under repair

Once the repairs to your home begin, your home becomes a construction site. If your repairs are being managed by EQC, you can organise to visit your home through your Claim Manager.

We will do our best to accommodate your requests. If your expectations have not been met or you are unhappy with the process, you can lodge a complaint. We will then contact you within 48hrs to discuss what we can do to assist you moving forward.

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