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Getting your claim reviewed – Canterbury earthquakes

If you’re concerned about your EQC claim settlement for damage caused by the Canterbury earthquakes, you can request a claim review. The request process is the same, whether we managed the repair of your home or cash settled your claim.

EQC managed the repair of 67,746 Canterbury homes after the earthquakes. Let us know if you believe the work on your home was sub-standard, damage was missed in the assessment, or the repair strategy wasn’t effective.

Some reasons for requesting a claim review

You may wish to request a review of your claim where you have reason to believe that:

  • EQC’s settlement did not include all earthquake damage
  • EQC’s repair work or repair strategy has not or will not repair the earthquake damage to the standard required by the EQC Act.
  • EQC’s cash settlement was not or is not sufficient to meet the reasonable costs of undertaking EQC’s repair strategy.

What we need from you

You need to complete a Claim Review Form if your request is about:

  • a claim settled by EQC-managed repair, and the repair was completed more than 12 months ago or
  • a claim settled by cash settlement.

In completing the Claim Review Form, you need to provide information to support your reasons for requesting a review. The information should include:

  • a detailed description of your concerns about the settlement and
  • photos of the area(s) of concern, where possible.

If your claim was settled by an EQC-managed repair within the last 12 months you do not need to complete a Claim Review Form. Instead, contact us with details of the repair address, your claim number and a brief description of the matter(s) requiring attention.

Our Contact us page has our phone and email details.

Completing the Claim Review Form

Before completing our Claim Review Form to request a claim review, read the Q&As in the Claim Review Guide at the back of the form (or below) for more information.

Once we receive a completed Claim Review Form, together with any supporting information, we will consider that documentation together with information we already hold. We will then decide whether or not a more detailed review of the claim is appropriate, and inform you of our decision.

If we decide a more detailed claim review is appropriate, we will conduct that review and inform you of the outcome. If we need to carry out a site visit at any point, we will contact you to organise this.

It’s important to note that submitting a Claim Review Form doesn’t guarantee you a full claim review or an additional settlement.

Claim Review Guide Q&As

Additional information can be found in Claim Review Guide Q&As.

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