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If you’re a current supplier or are interested in becoming a supplier, find out how we buy goods and services.

Our buying approach

All our buying activities are made within the framework of: 

  • Principles of Government Procurement 
  • Government Procurement Rules 
  • EQC Delegations Framework policy. 

How we work 

Our preference is to use Government collaborative contracts, our own internal panel arrangements and existing supply contracts where we can. In some cases, use of the Government collaborative contracts is mandated. 

Other contract opportunities with a total estimated value of $100k or more will generally be advertised through the Government Electronic Tenders Service run by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). 

To register for this free service visit: GETS (Government Electronic Tenders Service)(external link)

Getting paid

Our payment terms 

Our standard payment terms apply if there is no contract in place, or no other payment terms are specified. Standard payment terms mean payment is made by the 20th of the month after we have received your invoice. For example, if we receive an invoice in January, it will be paid on 20 February. 

EQC will endeavour to pay all invoices within 10 days of the invoice being entered into EQC's system, regardless of the agreed payment terms. 

For further information, see our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. [PDF, 178 KB]

Our payment method 

Our payment method is electronic funds transfer (EFT). This means payments can be deposited directly into your designated bank account. We will endeavour to email a remittance advice confirming the EFT payment on the day the payment is made. 

Changing your payment method 

To change your payment method, we need to verify your bank account details. You can do this by sending us: 

  • a bank deposit slip (a scanned copy will be fine), or 
  • a screenshot showing your bank account details (please block out any account activity). 

The screenshot must have both the bank's logo and the account number. Make sure the bank account you use on the invoice is the one we will be verifying. 

Working with us

Keeping your details up to date

If you change: 

  • your bank account information 
  • your address 
  • your company name 
  • any other information you've previously provided 

please email us at so we can make the necessary changes. 

Please note: In early 2022, we’ll introduce a Supplier Portal which will allow registered suppliers to maintain some of their own details. We’ll communicate regarding this in the New Year. 

Supplier feedback and complaints 

We manage supplier feedback and complaints in line with the  "Guide to supplier feedback and complaints" published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE).  

If you have any concerns or feedback, please email the nominated Earthquake Commission Commercial and Procurement contact person at  

After that, the process for making a formal complaint is set out in MBIE's guide, along with details of their confidential Supplier Feedback Service. 

Guide to supplier feedback and complaints 2015 (PDF 421KB)(external link)

Guide to supplier feedback and(external link)
complaints 2015 (MBIE Document)(external link)

Invoicing us

We’re implementing a purchase to pay system to approve, manage and make payment for all purchases. All purchases from the Earthquake Commission (EQC) must have a valid purchase order number from 1 January 2022. Our purchase order number sequence is POXXXXXYY, with the last two digits indicating our financial year eg 1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022 will show as POXXXXX22. 

You should receive the purchase order number by email before the goods or services are delivered. As we transition, you’ll be advised of a purchase order number for in-flight purchases to include on your December invoices which we’ll receive in January 2022. 

Please contact your EQC contact who requested the goods or services if you haven’t received a purchase order number by late-December. 

Tips to make sure your payment isn't delayed 

  • Submit a complete and accurate invoice, ie one that meets the requirements of the Goods & Services Tax Act 1985. 
  • If your business is GST-registered, include your GST number and the words "Tax Invoice". 
  • Include the name of your EQC contact who requested the goods and services as well as the purchase order number. 
  • Make sure the purchase order matches the invoice exactly, including what was delivered, unit of measure, quantity and unit price. 
  • Correct any discrepancies or changes before sending your invoice. 

Sending us your invoices 

We prefer to receive a PDF of your invoices electronically to our Accounts Payable team at  

If you are unable to send your invoice electronically, you can send it to: 

Earthquake Commission 
Accounts Payable 
PO Box 790  
Wellington 6140 

Send any accounts payable queries to  

Purchase order terms and conditions for supplier [PDF, 178 KB] [PDF]