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EQC sets two-year research funding direction

EQC funds around $20 million of research and data each year, with around $14 million of that going to GeoNet. The remaining $6 million is used to fund specific science and data projects, partnerships and awards.

“But deciding which of the many possible projects to fund is never easy,” says Research Manager Dr Natalie Balfour.

“New Zealand has world leading researchers in natural hazards and resilience, and we get many excellent applications for our limited funds.”

“For the round of research funding that opens next month we have just published our latest Research Priorities Investment Statement (RIPS). This gives researchers a really clear idea on what EQC will, and won’t consider.  For instance, even though we know that climate change will make some of the hazards we cover – like floods or landslides from storms – more likely, we won’t be funding core climate change research, such as modelling and forecasting.

“We really want to make sure our funding is focused on research that gives us the best results for EQC’s mission and for our resilience goal of seeing New Zealanders have stronger homes on better land, connected by resilient infrastructure – and access to home insurance.

“The RIPS will give a good steer to researchers who are applying for funding, and any panels that we bring together to assess research proposals.” she says.

See the Research Priorities Statement 2021-2023 [PDF, 1.4 MB]