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National Seismic Hazard Model

The National Seismic Hazard Model(external link) (NSHM) estimates the likelihood and strength of earthquake shaking in different parts of New Zealand. 

The NSHM is widely used by government, industry, reinsurers and insurers to help estimate earthquake risk.  Estimates from the NSHM provide critical information for decisions about how buildings are built, road and rail infrastructure, insurance and civil defence planning.

EQC has joined with MBIE(external link) and GNS Science(external link) to update the NSHM which was last fully revised in 2002.  The update will bring in advances in scientific research and knowledge, including what has been learned from the Christchurch earthquake sequence and the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake.

Seismic model

This map shows the 2% probability of exceedance of peak ground acceleration (PGA) from earthquake shaking in any 50-year time window. These results were produced for NZ Class C shallow soil. The map is produced from the OpenQuake-adapted version of the corrected 2010 National Seismic Hazard Model (Stirling et al. 2012).






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