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Natural Disaster Response Model

We’ve partnered with a range of New Zealand’s private insurers to manage EQCover claims for natural disaster insurance cover on behalf of EQC.  

From 30 June 2021, if you have a current private insurance policy for your home, you’ll have a single point of contact and be able to lodge your EQCover claim directly through your private insurer. 

They’ll assess, manage, and settle the entire claim – including the EQCover portion of a claim – on behalf of EQC.  

Having one point of contact will deliver simplicity and certainty sooner for you in what can be a very stressful time. 

Read more about our insurance partners below, as well as the role EQC continues to have supporting New Zealanders and some frequently asked questions (FAQs). We’ve also created a video at the top of this page as a quick summary of the partnership model.  

If your insurer isn’t listed below or you’re unsure who your insurer is, don’t worry, you can still contact us and we will support you to make a new EQCover claim.

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Our insurance partners

We’ve partnered with eight private insurers, who represent more than 20 insurance brands. Our partners are AA Insurance, Ando (Hollard), Chubb, FMG, IAG, MAS, Vero and Tower. 

More on insurance partners

Here are some of the insurance brands represented by our eight partners:

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EQC’s role alongside private insurers

EQC remains the lead insurance agency coordinating the response to any natural disaster in New Zealand. While private insurers will manage EQCover claims on our behalf, we will still play a significant role in future events.

More on EQC's role

This includes supporting our private insurer partners with our natural disaster insurance expertise, coordinating the national insurer response following a natural disaster and ensuring customers receive their entitlements under the EQC Act, as well as providing progress reports and modelling for the Government.  

It is important to note that managing claims is only one part of our responsibilities under the EQC Act, and we will continue to drive research into natural hazards and engineering to reduce the impact of future events, as well as oversee the Natural Disaster Fund.  

This research and management of the Natural Disaster Fund is vital for EQC to secure reinsurance for New Zealand, so homeowners have access to affordable insurance. 

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the model.  

Read questions and answers

How do I make an EQCover claim after 30 June 2021?

Contact your insurer directly to lodge a claim for any natural disaster damage that occurs on, or after, 30 June 2021. A list of insurers can be found above.  

Who will manage my EQCover claim if my insurer is not included in the partnership?

EQC will continue to manage EQCover claims for any customers whose insurer is not in the partnership. If your insurer isn’t listed above, you can still contact us and we will support you to make a new EQCover claim

How will a claim that exceeds the EQCover cap be managed?

Under the model, private insurers will assess, manage and settle the entire claim - including the EQCover portion - up to the statutory capped level of damage* under the EQC Act, and then any claim under their private insurance to cover additional losses up to their sum insured.  

You can find more information about your EQCover in this guide.  

* EQC covers damage from natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, natural landslips and geothermal events, with building damage capped at $150,000 ex GST.  It also insures for fire resulting from any of these natural disasters, and land damage from storms or floods. 

Which insurers are part of this model?

We’ve partnered with eight private insurers, who represent more than 20 insurance brands. Our partners are AA Insurance, Ando (Hollard), Chubb, FMG, IAG, MAS, Vero and Tower and you can find their insurance brands above.  

What if I have an existing EQCover claim, or want to make an EQCover claim for a natural disaster prior to 30 June 2021?

This model has no impact on existing EQCover claims – these will continue to be handled by the same EQC staff you have been dealing with.​​  

For any new claims, visit the Make a new claim page


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