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What you're covered for

EQC’s insurance product, EQCover, it provides disaster insurance for residential homes, land and (until 1 July, 2020) contents after earthquakes, landslips, storm damage, volcanoes, tsunami and hydrothermal activity.

For storm or flood damage, EQCover is limited to residential land.

You automatically have EQCover for your home and EQCover for your land if you have a current private insurance policy for your home that includes fire insurance (and most do).

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What is not covered

Certain items fall outside our cover, like boats, trailers and trees.

More on items not covered

Items not covered by EQCover include:

  1. Intangible property (e.g. information stored on a computer)
  2. Motor vehicles or the parts or accessories of motor vehicles
  3. Trailers or the parts or accessories of trailers
  4. Boats or other vessels or the parts or accessories of boats or vessels
  5. Aircraft or anything in or on an aircraft
  6. Bushes, forests, trees, plants or lawns
  7. Growing crops (including fruit trees and vines) or cut crops in the open fields
  8. Explosives
  9. Animals, including livestock and pets
  10. Roads, streets, drives or paths. But certain land under your main access way (e.g. under your driveway) might be covered by EQCover for land
  11. Drains, channels, tunnels, or cuttings*
  12. Dams, breakwaters, fences or poles*
  13. Reservoirs, swimming pools, baths, spa pools, tanks or water towers*
  14. Tennis courts, whether inside or outside and regardless of the surface
  15. Jetties, wharves or landings
  16. Pavings or other artificial surfaces

*These items might be insured in some cases (e.g. if they are part of the building that is your residential building).

Please note that items listed above might be covered by your private insurance policy.

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An excess is the amount you must contribute toward a claim that is accepted under the EQC Act 1993. The amount of the excess is deducted from the amount of your claim.

More on excess

If your accepted EQCover claim is for $20,000 or less, an excess of $200 will be deducted before the rest is paid. If your accepted EQCOver claim is for more than $20,000, 99% of this amount will be paid, as an excess of 1% will be deducted.


If your EQCover claim is for $5,000 or less, an excess of $500 will be deducted before the rest is paid. If your EQCover claim is for more than $5,000, 90% of this amount will be paid, and an excess of 10% will be deducted. However, the maximum excess that can be deducted is $5,000.


If your EQCover claim is accepted and the settlement amount is less than the excess, a settlement payment will not be made; you will have to meet the cost of repairs or replacement yourself. Where the settlement of your EQCOver claim for damage is by reinstatement, you will receive an invoice for the excess. You will need to speak to your claim manager regarding the specifics of your situation. They will advise you if the cost of total repair is less than the excess.


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