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Natural disaster insurance

A house is often a homeowner’s most valuable asset, so it’s important to protect your home against loss or damage caused by natural disasters.

You automatically purchase EQCover if you have private insurance (that includes fire insurance) when the natural disaster happens.

Are you covered?

  • Do you have private house insurance – including fire insurance?
  • Will your policy cover the full cost of a rebuild?
  • Have you put a copy of your insurance documents somewhere else, including in the cloud?

Find out what you're covered for with EQCover here.

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Check your private insurance

Insurance is about peace of mind but don’t just buy it and put it out of mind.

How much would a rebuild cost?

Calculating the cost of rebuilding your home can be complicated. The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) recommends people use the Cordell calculator.(external link) You could also pay for a registered quantity surveyor, builder and/or architect to provide an estimate.