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What you're covered for

EQCover provides natural disaster insurance for residential homes and some areas of residential land after earthquakes, landslips, volcanoes, tsunami and hydrothermal activity. It also provides cover for storm or flood damage for residential land.

Householders' Guide to EQCover
building cover web
Building cover

Property cover included in EQCover.

LandClaim hero
Land cover

If you have EQCover, then some of your land is also covered.

Homeowners v2
Land structure

Land structures – retaining walls, bridges and culverts.

Storm or flood damage

Read more, if your home, or the surrounding land, has been damaged by a storm or flood

Items not covered by EQCover include:

  • Intangible property (e.g. information stored on a computer)
  • Motor vehicles or the parts or accessories of motor vehicles
  • Trailers or the parts or accessories of trailers
  • Boats or other vessels or the parts or accessories of boats or vessels
  • Aircraft or anything in or on an aircraft
  • Bushes, forests, trees, plants or lawns
  • Growing crops (including fruit trees and vines) or cut crops in the open fields
  • Explosives
  • Animals, including livestock and pets
  • Roads, streets, drives or paths. But certain land under your main access way (e.g. under your driveway) might be covered by EQCover for land
  • Drains, channels, tunnels, or cuttings*
  • Dams, breakwaters, fences or poles*
  • Reservoirs, swimming pools, baths, spa pools, tanks or water towers*
  • Tennis courts, whether inside or outside and regardless of the surface
  • Jetties, wharves or landings
  • Pavings or other artificial surfaces
    *These items might be insured in some cases (e.g. if they are part of the building that is your residential building).

Please note that items listed above might be covered by your private insurance policy.