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Claims process

Read more about the typical EQCover claims process.

How to make an EQCover Claim

Depending on the type and size of a natural disaster, we may vary our approach to managing EQCover claims. 

EQCover claims managed by private insurers

In most instances, your EQCover claim will be managed by your private insurer who insures your property. Your insurer will manage your claim from end to end and will be your single point of contact in all instances. Your insurer will be acting as an agent of EQC during the claim process and will be required to administer your claim in line with the requirements of the EQC Act. For more information about how your insurer will be managing your claim, please contact them directly.

EQCover claims managed by EQC

If your EQCover claim is not managed by your private insurer, it will most likely be managed by one of our claim management specialists at EQC.